Designers have too many files to work with under tight deadlines. And that’s why Adobe developed the action tool, and we believe it is one of the most useful tools that has ever been created. Action enables you to record many tasks that you can apply to a batch of files.

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Learn the differences between Paintbrush and Blob brush in Adobe Illustrator CC.

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The artwork has been painted in Adobe Photoshop CC

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Tips 4 Designers, The Three Types of Concept Drawing

Concept drawings are inaccurate freehand sketches to discover the initial ideas for designs and to communicate concept principles.

Tips 4 Designers, The Terminology Of Color

Have you asked yourself about the differences between a tint, shade, and tone? What’s the right definition of hue, value and saturation? Most designers get confused about them, and here is the short answer.

Tips 4 Designers, The Four Essential Types of Selections

In Adobe Photoshop, selections are used to work in a particular area, changes you make apply only to the selected area. You can make selections based on shape, color, and size.

Tips 4 Designers, Image Size and Resolution

The word resolution refers to the number of tiny squares identified as pixels; that define an image and its details. Resolution is determined by the number of pixels along the height and width of an image.